Chromacity Spark X

The Spark X provides  up to 30 mW at 1280 nm (with 40 nm bandwidth) and is designed as a source for semiconductor failure analysis and material characterization applications. With pulse widths < 250 fs it is an ideal source for multiphoton imaging. Bespoke variants are available, please contact for details.


Output wavelength1280 nm
Output powerUp to 30 mW
Pulsewidth< 250 fs
Pump sourceFully integrated Spark 1040
Repetition frequency100 MHz
Control interfaceEthernet, and web page
Serial port (for control via LabView/MatLab)
CoolingAir Cooled
Wafer Testing Equipment
Macs of Silicon Wafers
Scientist Looking at Substance through Microscope

Delivering a better user experience

Wavelength of choice

The Chromacity Spark X system delivers light at 1.28 µm. The ability to generate ultrashort pulsed light at this specific infrared wavelength is key to 2-photon imaging of semiconductor wafers. The band gap energy of the wafer materials need to be overcome. This is typically achieved beyond 1.2 µm.

Excellent beam quality

The output from the PCF (photonic crystal fibre) stage is collimated as free space output  for easy integration into microscope setups and test and measurement equipment.  This enables excellent beam quality with single mode output which is linearly polarised.

Small footprint

Integrating the pump source, wavelength shifting module and pulse picker all onto a monolithic baseplate has allowed us to design an extremely compact system. The Chromacity Spark X replaces the need to accommodate several individual modules and frees up valuable space on a lab bench where, typically, space is at a premium.

Low cost of ownership

Removing the complexities of traditional ultrafast laser systems, while maintaining the high performance characteristics that are expected by the photonics industry has allowed us to develop a system that can be acquired at a low cost of ownership.

Exceptional reliability

The Chromacity Spark X is machined from a single block of high-grade aluminium and designed specifically to deliver output with an outstanding level of reliability and without the need for water cooling.


An intuitive web-based user-interface allows for easy control of the Spark X. This relaxes the constraints of having to be near the laser system to use it.

Easy integration

With the ability to lock to an external clock the Spark X can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications where pulse repetition frequency stability is key.


The Chromacity Spark X is an ideal ultrashort pulse source for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications including two-photon stimulation of CMOS circuits, OBIC imaging, sub-surface confocal laser-scanning microscopy, pump-probe measurements and other forms of material characterization.