Chromacity FIR

The Chromacity FIR is the world’s first commercial broadband ultrafast OPO providing output in the 5 – 12 µm region. In the 5 – 7 µm region up to 80 mW can be achieved and at 12 µm up to 10 mW of light is available.  The Chromacity FIR is an ideal source for spectroscopy in the molecular fingerprint region as well as stand-off detection and remote sensing applications.


Output wavelength5 µm – 12 µm (discrete broadband spectra provided by individual crystals)
Output powerUp to 80 mW (@ 5-7 µm) and up to 10 mW (@ 12 µm)
Pump sourceFully integrated Spark 1040
Repetition frequency100 MHz
Control interfaceEthernet, and web page
Serial port (for control via LabView/MatLab)
CoolingAir Cooled
Airport Terminal
Steel Pipes of a Crude Oil Factory
Water Bottles on a Production Line
Light Beams on Laser Setup

Delivering pioneering technology!

Mid-Infrared Optical Parametric Oscillator

The Chromacity FIR is an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) which delivers light in the important 5-12 µm wavelength region. In spectroscopy, this region is known as the molecular fingerprint region,  due to the unique absorption patterns found in this region, which enable samples to be identified more clearly. The OPO can be tuned using different QPM gratings and a range of spectral ranges are available. This can be achieved through our intuitive user interface. The Chromacity FIR is the first tunable OPO delivering quasi-CW  light at these longer infrared wavelengths. Applications for the Chromacity FIR are in materials identification, spectroscopy and remote sensing and stand-off detection.

Spark FIR Spectra image

Faster results

Chromacity has always had the vision of providing laser systems that require the minimal amount of user intervention. To this end, the Chromacity FIR doesn’t need time to warm up and is operated through a simple user-friendly web interface.

High average power

Using our proprietary fully integrated high average power, optical pump technology (Chromacity 1040) we have the ability to deliver high average powers from 5-12 µm wavelengths. Across the 5-7 µm range up to 80 mW can be generated and at 12 µm up to 10 mW. Maximising signal to noise ratios is critical for the majority of spectroscopic applications.  In this respect, the high average output powers of our high-rep rate Chromacity FIR outshines the performance of lower rep rate pulsed systems.  Optical power at specific wavelengths can be a key consideration. We have the ability to tailor the peak of the output power at certain wavelengths. Please contact us for further information.

Small footprint

Traditional OPO laser systems can be extremely bulky units that take up significant laboratory space. In addition, there is often the requirement to also accommodate a separate pump source and water chiller. The Chromacity FIR technology has been engineered into a compact footprint by incorporating its own pump source.

Low cost of ownership

Removing the complexities of traditional laser systems, while maintaining the high performance characteristics that are expected by the photonics industry has allowed us to develop a system that can be acquired at a low cost of ownership in comparison to other technologies, such as DFG, which require complex and expensive laser systems.

Exceptional reliability

Machined from a single block of high-grade aluminium, the Chromacity FIR has been designed with an outstanding level of reliability. This has been brought about, in part, by fully integrating the pump source, and removing the need for water cooling.


The Chromacity FIR is a high average power light source for infrared spectroscopy in the 5 – 12 µm region. The high average power providing by this quasi-CW system enables better signal to noise data acquisition in this difficult to reach wavelength region. The Chromacity FIR is the perfect source for infrared spectroscopy and chemical detection applications.