Chromacity Datasheets

Chromacity Spark FIR Datasheet

Spark FIR

The Chromacity Spark FIR is the first commercial quasi-CW OPO providing output in the 5 – 12 µm range.  It is an ideal source for infrared spectroscopy and stand-off detection.

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Spark 1040

The Chromacity Spark 1040 ultrafast laser system delivers up to 2.5 W of light with pulse durations as short as 100 fs

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Chromacity Spark X Datasheet

Spark X

The Chromacity Spark X is specifically designed as a source for semiconductor failure analysis and other material characterization applications.

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Chromacity Spark OPO-HP

Spark OPO

The Chromacity Spark OPO provides exceptional tunability and high average power across the near-infrared (1.4 – 4.2 µm), making it an ideal light source for a wide range of application areas from multi-photon microscopy to spectroscopy.

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Application Notes

Application Notes 1

Supercontinuum generation

This application note demonstrates how to generate a near-infrared continuum when combining the Spark 1040 with standard non-linear fibre.

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Nonlinear mid-infrared generation

This application note describes how the Spark 1040 can be used to pump an OPO capable of tuning from 1.4 – 4 µm.

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Application Notes 3

Two-photon microscopy

The Spark 1040 is an ideal laser for multi-photon microscopy as demonstrated in this application note where two-photon microscopy of a wide range of samples and labels is performed.

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Application Notes 4

SHG imaging microscopy

Second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy is a powerful imaging tool.  Here, we demonstrate how the Spark 1040 can be used to image both collagen and starch samples.

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Application Notes 5

Lightsheet (SPIM) microscopy

In the is application note the Spark 1040 is used in a light sheet microscope setup to visualise zebrafish embryo.

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