Defending and protecting our world is becoming an ever more important part of our lives. Laser systems are becoming an important source for stand-off (remote) detection, to determine the identification of a wide range of hazardous solids, liquids and gases.

Different chemical signatures can  be identified, via stand-off detection or infrared spectroscopy instrumentation, and the OPO technology we have developed within Chromacity is a key source enabling a wider range chemical signatures to be identified.

Chromacity have two products, the Spark OPO (1.4 µm – 4.2 µm) and the Spark FIR (5 µm – 12 µm). The tuning range of these systems enables spectroscopic sensing of different materials over a wide spectral range.  The Spark FIR in particular is ideally suited to sensing molecular spectra in the fingerprint region of the infrared spectrum where many organic molecules exhibit unique spectroscopy patterns. The Spark FIR is the world’s first commercial OPO providing high average powers which enable faster and more accurate detection. Both OPOs are compact, rugged units which cover an important spectral range where a wide range of different chemicals have strong absorption lines, that can now be detected and identified, even at a distance. These include explosives, toxic chemicals and gases, such as methane.

Detecting these type of substances has traditionally been difficult to achieve due to the lack of suitable commercial sources available. The Spark OPO and Spark FIR now provide the perfect solution thanks to their high powers, short pulse duration (for time dependent measurements), large wavelength span and compact footprint.

With access to multiple wavelengths , it is possible to measure more than one spectral region at any one time, thus leading to faster data acquisition and more sophisticated detection techniques.

This technology can be implemented across a wide range of different scenarios, ranging from military threat detection to airport and events security.

Airport Security Check
Police Officers in High Visibility Vests