Fundamental research drives ever faster acquisition of scientific knowledge and the development of tomorrow’s technology.

Research projects, both big and small, require access to cutting edge technology. The Chromacity Spark product family has been designed for use in fundamental research from in the life sciences, chemistry and physics (to name a few) but are cost-effective and turnkey solutions to enable researchers to concentrate on their research and not running equipment. Having spun-out of a research institute, Chromacity understands that bespoke laser systems may be required to reach research goals.

The Spark product range are designed to enable cutting-edge research whilst being compact and easy to use. The Spark 1040, for instance, is an ideal source for non-linear physics experiments such as pumping OPO crystals or photonic crystal fibres (PCF) for wavelength conversion experiments. The Spark OPO is an ultrafast source for use as a pump for infrared PCF systems to extend the supercontinuum generation into the mid-infrared.

We have worked with higher educational institutes, spin out companies and commercial outfits to deliver laser technologies that meet very specific requirements. From our simple to use femtosecond oscillator the Spark 1040 to the pioneering Spark FIR system providing output in the fingerprint spectroscopy region, Chromacity works with you to further your research.

If you are involved in a project that you feel Chromacity may be able to collaborate with you on or our products may be suitable for, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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