Lasers for the Environment

Monitoring greenhouse gases, and other pollutants in our atmosphere are just a few key areas that are becoming ever more important global concerns. Issues such as these require spectroscopic techniques to help us discover what toxic species are in our atmosphere and determine mitigating steps to take next.

One way of tackling these concerns is via high resolution gas spectroscopy. There are several different ways of carrying out gas spectroscopy. In many cases, the quality of the light source used in spectroscopy has a significant influence of the quality of the results.

The high average powers and short pulse durations of our Spark OPO allows the detection of gas molecules with a resolution of parts per billion.

Being able to identifying gas leaks or monitor the quality of powders and liquids are also important for a range of research and commercial applications

High average power and high peak power along with high spatial and spectral brightness are key to delivering accurate results. This is where the Chromacity Spark OPO excels. In addition, the wide tuning range of the system, allows for the detection of many different chemical signatures.

With a web-based, intuitive user interface and maintenance-free operation, the Spark OPO is the ideal source for laser-based sensing across the 1.4 µm – 4.2 µm wavelength region.

The newly launched Spark FIR is a source for 5 – 12 µm light in the molecular fingerprint region (so called due to its unique absorption patterns for most organic molecules) enabling more accurate detection of pollutants.

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