Scientist Inspecting Test Tubes in a Lab

Life Sciences

There is a need to conduct advanced laser imaging as part of the private and publicly funded research into diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which are prevalent due to the ageing population.

Airport Terminal

Security & Defence

Defending and protecting our world is become an ever more important part of our lives. Laser systems are now being implemented to perform stand-off (remote) detection, to determine the identification of a wide range of hazardous solids, liquids and gases.

Steel Pipes of a Crude Oil Factory

Environmental Sensing

Monitoring greenhouse gases, and looking into reducing engine emissions are just a few key areas that are becoming ever more important global concerns. Issues such as these require spectroscopic techniques to help us discover what steps to take next.

Silicon Wafer

Semiconductor Failure Analysis

Semiconductor Failure Analysis (FA) is the process of determining how or why a semiconductor device has failed. Semiconductor components/devices are ubiquitous within our daily lives.

Tweaking Settings on Laser Setup

Fundamental Research

Discovery is key to understanding the world around us. Fundamental research drives the development of tomorrow’s technology. Several different fields of research receive government funding to accelerate research output.