About Us

Chromacity designs, manufactures and sells ultrafast lasers for a wide range of industrial and fundamental research applications. With laser products spanning both the infrared and visible spectrums, the company also specializes in developing custom laser technologies for specific end-user applications.

The three co-founders Prof. Derryck Reid, Dr Christopher Leburn and Dr Carl Farrell founded the company in 2013.  Since then, the company has grown from strength-to-strength with the vision of bringing to market a range of lasers tailored to the specific requirements of life scientists and spectroscopists by providing a unique combination of power, wavelength coverage and value for money.

With this vision, the co-founders secured investment to grow the team and bring to market a range of ultrafast laser products that can be tailored to a wide range of applications.

What we do

Chromacity design and manufacture a range of ultra-short pulse laser systems. We have a wealth of experience in integrating laser technologies into end-user applications.

Our highly experienced team has an in-depth and extensive photonics knowledge (including: solid-state laser physics, fibre laser development, optical parametric oscillators, spectroscopic and stand-off detection methods, microscope setups, software development and image capture). Our modern manufacturing processes allow us to deliver highly efficient, compact and reliable ultrashort pulse laser products.