At Chromacity we’re changing the world of ultrafast lasers for scientific research and industry. We’ve fused solid-state technology and fibre-based technology to create a unique range of game-changing systems that offer the best of both worlds. Our robust and compact products are beautifully engineered, efficient, intuitive, versatile and affordable – making it possible for more people to discover more.

Chromacity Products

Chromacity Spark FIR

*NEW* – Spark FIR

For fingerprint region spectroscopy applications and stand-off detection, the Spark FIR can provide output in the 5-12 µm range.

Chromacity Spark 1040

Spark 1040

For fixed wavelength applications, the Chromacity Spark 1040 femtosecond laser system delivers up to 2.5 W of light with pulse durations as short as 170 fs.

Chromacity Spark OPO

Spark OPO

For near and mid-IR applications, our tunable Spark OPO delivers ultrashort pulses up to 4.2 µm.

Chromacity Spark X

Spark X

A Raman shifted Spark oscillator producing laser light at 1280 nm, specifically for semiconductor failure analysis.